Solar Panels
Solar Matting
A solar pool heater is a great idea for both entertaining guests, as well as keeping the kids occupied. Swimming pool solar heaters will give you an extra two months per year of pool usage, as opposed to the average swimming time, which is three months. Solar pool heaters are also more cost effective to run than electricity or gas.

Prestige Solar Heating offers a personalised service, and we take pride in being able to provide cutting edge pool solar heating options at a competitive price. Buying a swimming pool solar heater doesn’t need to be confusing. We provide a free, no obligation quote, and will give you great advice, making sure that the solar water heater you purchase will give you optimum results, and will suit your requirements.

Pool heating is a great lifestyle choice, as outdoor entertaining has become increasingly popular. Swimming pool heating is affordable, and our quality products are backed by a warranty, along with a customer centric focus that’s sets our pool heating business apart from our other competitors in Sydney. Solar energy is also the smartest choice for protecting the environment.

There are two types of solar heaters available; panel and matting. Check out our solar heating products listed below.

Solar Panels

Solar Panel

Whether you have an in-ground or above ground pool, Solar panel pool heating systems can double your swimming enjoyment, year after year.

Why Heat your Pool With Solar Panels?

  • Operating Costs - The increasing cost of burning fossil fuels to heat pool water is completely eliminated.
  • Warranty – All pool solar panel products are backed by a warranty.
  • Maintenance Costs- On-going maintenance costs become practically non-existent due to the quality of our pool solar heaters.
  • Environment- Your solar hot water panel system provides safe, clean energy without burning fossil fuels or polluting the air.
  • Safety - Dangerous pilot lights, volatile fuels, and corrosive metals are completely eliminated when you heat with solar energy.

How Solar Panel Pool Heating Works

  • Using the existing pool pump, water is diverted to the Solar System.
  • The water is heated by the Sun's radiant energy as it passes through the collectors.
  • The water is then returned to the pool to repeat the cycle until the pool has been warmed.


Solar Matting

Solar Heating

How solar matting heating works:

Solar Matting is a type of solar pool heating system that can be custom fitted to your roof. The solar energy is then collected by the absorber, and is transferred to the water. When the solar energy is distributed back into the pool, it takes the heat with it, which warms your pool by up to 10 degrees.

Solar matting panels are not rigid. You can install it wherever you want, around any shaped pool as part of the walk way, on top of a roof, or on level ground away from the pool side. Prestige Solar Heating provides solar pool panels to suit any requirement you have.

We can provide Swimming pool solar panels to suit any situation. Solar heat is an environmentally friendly way to heat your pool, and solar matting provides the perfect platform to be green, save your family money, and extend your swimming times during the year.


PVC Matting

PVC Matting

Prestige Solar Heating provides PVC matting as another solar heating option. PVC solar matting is a popular choice in pool heaters. There are many options when it comes to purchasing a solar heating system, and Prestige Solar Heating will help you determine whether PVC is the best choice for your situation.

The matting is pre-fitted to PVC Manifolds that are connected to each other. The manifolds must be plumbed directly to the filtration plant.

PVC matting can be installed almost anywhere - on the roof of your house, garage, pergola or directly on the lawn. The only requirement is a sunny place that will ensure maximum heat exposure.

As far as a swimming pool heater, PVC is an affordable and durable option. Ask us about our solar water options today.